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Alexis Caballero

I started my exploration in the world of plastic arts in high school where I began my first lines with pencil and pastel chalk in a self-taught way; later would come oils, acrylics, watercolors, etc.

Mostly discovered and developed in a self-taught way. Going back many years, I remember that I always loved coloring and drawing my superheroes. I remember that in elementary school I sold my drawings to save money and buy toys, sweets and / or for video games on the corner. I also studied two years of architecture that undoubtedly contribute to my artistic training; as well as the psychology career that I managed to conclude and in which I developed professionally for a long time. It is at the age of 30 that I take art professionally. So I pour all my energy into development and the search for my expression with the materials that I have been finding and with the techniques that I am acquiring. For me, art represents a search and constant experimentation in search of shaping a language of the spirit that can transmit and move others.