igors artwork


I printed my first works in light boxes (duratrans) trying to emulate what was generated on the monitor and my friends seem to have liked them, and they quickly took them from my hands.

Then they encouraged me to participate in some of the few digital art contests in Panama, such as: Philips Arts Expression with which I represented Panama in Sao Paulo and the Sony Photography Contest, which I won in my category. Then I went to Europe for academic reasons, where at the end of my commitments, I took the opportunity to take a marathon trip through the main European capitals to visit all the great museums and main contemporary art galleries in those latitudes. This was decisive, and it definitely changed my life. Seeing the work of the great masters of 20th century art was the “second” qualitative leap I had in my life as an artist, and I confess that it opened up an infinite range of possibilities, both technically and conceptually, in terms of trends in the contemporary art theme, and better yet, digital art that I just practiced.


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